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'' Lorna was my massage therapist for six months. I found her to be extremely empathetic and sensitive to my needs while never trying to dictate the treatment but willing to listen and respond accordingly.


She was aware of my medical history and always took this into account which I very much appreciated. She is obviously very experienced in massage and I always felt so much better after seeing her, the beneficial effects lasting for several weeks. I always felt in very safe hands and cannot recommend her more highly.'' 


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Voice of the Dragon - Vision Dreams of the Crow Mother 

by Lorna Bailey

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'' Many of us lock our thoughts and feelings, our experiences and observations deep within our very Being, afraid to share them for fear of being ridiculed or shamed. Voice of the Dragon invites us to share who and what we are, to break free of limitations and to live the life we were meant to live. 


This humble book of poetic prose offers one woman's view of the world, each piece is written with passion and power. Lorna is not just a poet - far from it, she is a seer, wise woman and medicine elder. '' 

Scott Alexander King - author of Animal Dreaming
Animal Messenger & The Animal Dreaming Oracle

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Native Drums
Native Drums

'' Lorna's sacred voice session both intrigued me and took on a journey I wasn't expecting. Lorna has an innate ability to instill calm through her voice, her deep knowledge and wide experience, which elicits a huge sense of trust in her and her teachings. As a group we explored how, as givers of this world, to protect ourselves, acknowledging ourselves as sacred women passed through from ancient time and to explore techniques to draw from in coping with our world today.


Immersing ourselves into liberating the voice with the drum became progressively more freeing as I could feel my inhibitions dissipating and by acknowledging my own personal hurdles. The deep sense of spiritual energy started to flow as self-awareness dissipated. To explore the deeper self through meditation was an introduction to the powerful nature of Lorna's practices which can but only release us, heal us and enable us to venture forward into our lives''. 


'' Lorna Is a fantastic massage therapist with deep intuition and sensitivity. Highly recommend her sessions for specific issues or simply to be pampered and nurtured. '' 


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