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I come from a matrilineal line of wise woman seers and healers. When I turned 20 years old, I knew I needed to be able to understand more the world of matter and spirit  - and the metaphysical nature of our own bodies. I enrolled myself on a two year clairvoyant and healing development programme at London's College of Psychic Studies and went on to serve my local spiritual church communities in South East London, offering spiritual guidance, mediumship and hands on healing.

Driven by a desire to connect more deeply with the consciousness of the Earth and along with a strong calling to live amongst spiritual community, in 1995 I moved to New Mexico to begin a traditional apprenticeship with a native american medicine elder. For the next 17 years I travelled and studied with him, learning how the interweaving of earth based spirituality, ritual and ceremony carry many commonalities across indigenous cultures. I carry his blessing and authorization to share the lineage teachings passed down to him by his own elders, blending within that the knowledge and understandings of the northern european spiritual lineage that has awoken within my own dna.

In 2005 I gained my first qualification as a Massage Therapist at Suffolk New College and went on to add deep tissue massage, myofascial release, hot stone treatments, trigger point and pregnancy massage into my client practice and have delivered earth based spirituality courses within the Adult Education Learning Programmes. For a while I also volunteered my skills and services to Lighthouse Women's Centre in Suffolk supporting women recovering from domestic violence and abuse.


Since 2014 I have been developing a body of work called The Sacred Faces of Female. This is an archetypal embodiment model for health and wellness -  run as small group immersions or online. These become potent containers for the deep body process work and core shamanism that underpins so much of my work with women.


As a mother of 2 grown daughters I now find myself in my 50s - so I also understand the initiation journey of the Peri to Post menopause years. Through my Woman Wise Menopause Coaching  I aim to offer a truly holistic and unique model through which women can navigate their own Peri 2 post menopausal transition.  

As a ceremonial shamanic practitioner, I have been offering frame drumming circles and sound journeys for over 20 years to support meaningful sacred containers for purification, healing, renewal and awakening. 

I am also a practicing astrologer - Island Astrology offers individuals , families and couples opportunities to truly Know Thy Self. I believe our birth natal charts give tremendous insight into our true natures and personalities and can greatly support personal development and the spiritual awakening process.      

My work as a writer and poet seer can be found under the name Voice of the Dragon, and published work can be found through Amazon and at my sister website This work is multidimensional and mythic in nature and speaks to readers of the ancient, contemporary and awakened memories which I carry within me.

I also believe in building a better world for our children and the generations to come and so advocate and participate in the co creation of conscious awake communities - I work closely with The Grow Free Community in Aberdeenshire Scotland which provides resources and trainings for transforming personal and collective trauma. I travel to Scotland at various times to offer workshops & immersions and regularly contribute to the Grow Free podcast with Emma Baxter. 

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