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Inscribed above the entrance column at the sacred Temple of Apollo, are the words "Know Thyself".

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Here in the Temple Room, Island Astrology is offered with the same intent, that you may come to know yourself fully.

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Working with your natal chart placements, an overstory will appear of why you have incarnated in this life. 

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It shows us what it is you are here to meet, see, and discover about yourself.   

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"Lorna is full of deep insight and fully capable of deciphering the cosmic language of astrology to help people see themselves and their paths with great clarity and confidence." - Raven

"Island Astrology mainly helps me in my love-life. Lorna's readings have nailed my ex-lovers to a tee!

Through this I've learnt why those relationships haven't worked out. I always seek her accurate insight when I feel pulled to let myself love again."  - Maya

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"Lorna is infinitely knowledgeable and generous with her time and skills. She was both perceptive and accurate, it was brilliant and so informative. I have no hesitation in recommending her." - Jean

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