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'' Know Thyself ''
Island Astrology

Over the entrance column at the sacred Temple of Apollo in Delphi are inscribed the words

'' Know Thyself ''

Here in the Temple Room ~ Island Astrology is offered up with the same intent - that you may come to know yourself and your nature fully.

Working with the time and place you were born, I can offer you the Wisdom of Ages as seen through the planets and stars and zodiac signs. Working with your birth (natal) chart placements an overstory will appear of what you incarnated into this life to meet and to see and discover about yourself.   

Astrologer Writing Natal Chart

'' Lorna is fantastic at what she does. My first reading with her came on the heels of lots of movement in many areas of my life, literally and metaphorically, to the point where I had started seeking therapy again. I am not kidding when I say that this reading was more helpful to me than the therapy session I had received earlier the same morning. So many aspects of myself that I had felt shame about were validated and reflected back to me in my chart and I was reassured that I was on the right path and following my divine nature into suitable realms of lifestyle and work. Lorna has a way with words and was so helpful when I had questions or wanted elaboration and is full of deep insight and fully capable of deciphering the cosmic language of astrology to help people see themselves and their paths with greater clarity and confidence. '' You will be happiest if you live in alignment with your nature ''.

Raven ~ New Mexico USA

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