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The Body Calls Us Home

Make a decision to begin loving your Body fully and without apology

Make a decision to embrace the many faces that you carry within

Make a decision to bring all of the lost and forgotten parts of you

back into the faceted glimmering jewel that you are

Begin to remember that your Body is sacred

Begin to remember that you are made

as a temple of clay from this earth,

 held together with breath and dust from planets and stars

Begin to remember that the Earth also lives as some Body

and that as we are nourished by Thee

so this Life needs to be nourished by us all  

Do not forget that your Body

  holds a living library of story and song about you

Read aloud and dance these histories,

so you might come to know your ancestors and your descendants

those living, waiting and unborn, who learn from your Body how to live,

gathering, watching and seeing 

what their lives may one day become

Most of all never forget

that your Body has never forgotten you

but sleeps like a lover awaiting your return

Wake up the Body gently

Call the Body Beloved

Just as the Body calls you Home  

copyright : Lorna Bailey - The Sacred Faces of Female

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