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Lotus Woman

Lotus Woman lives within each one of us. She is our connection to sacred sensuality, sexuality and inner power, held within the root essence of our Body Consciousness.  Lotus Woman may lay dormant within the deep dark soil of the inner landscape for the entirety of a woman's lifetime.


Patriarchal suppression, sexual wounding, shame and guilt are often at the 'tap root' of a woman's formative experiences around her sexual and sensual body. Other roots may also be buried in historic experiences which can be passed down through generational lineage or absorbed and collected through a culture.


Any losses or disconnection with the soul parts within a woman's primal lifeforce will usually present as lowered energy, libido issues, lack of creative drive and often show as many vague physical symptoms which often lessen once a woman starts reconnecting to her lotus energy. The journey to recover this energy cannot be made through the mind but instead through the energetic portal of the Body itself - first connecting the 'root' into the rising 'stem' of the central core, then branching out into the 'leaf' of each of the hands to finally 'flower' through the heart and opening petals of the throat.  

These Immersions are unique and form part of a larger body of work which I have been cultivating and growing for many years called The Sacred Faces of Female. Lotus Woman is one of these sacred face embodiments that have called to be re awakened within the psyche and soma of Woman - these faces of the female consciousness have come to lift the Burden which sits upon the individual, ancestral and collective soul life of Woman. This ground breaking work opens us up to the space within ourselves to receive a new emergent paradigm around women's health, wholeness and wellbeing. 

For a deeper look into the Sacred Faces of Female do check out this video below as I chat to Emma Baxter from the Grow Free Community.

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Reconnecting to your Lotus Power 



'' Yesterday I had the privilege of experiencing the first immersion into Lotus Woman.

It included a ' Gong Bath ' and ' Shamanic Journeying ''. If those things are strange to you,

do not be anxious, they are truly enjoyable and transformational. I became aware of a part of me that had been neglected or undervalued for a long time, for many reasons. Probably all of my life. No more, for Lotus Woman dances in me now at a soul level. 

I sincerely hope to experience every one of the Sacred Face Immersions as they are released

into this world from where as Lorna describes, '' a place beyond time, '' allowing us to retrieve

a part of ourselves, to become fully conscious  on this plane of existence, this is soul retrieval.

I have been on a spiritual path for decades and have studied and experienced many inner awakenings, but Lorna holds a space unique to my experience. She carries ancient wisdom.

A wisdom keeper. A rarity. Such intense earth medicine cannot be defined, it has to be experienced. I realize Divine Guidance when I see it, furthermore, her medicine works.

It is never too soon, nor too late to welcome home our sacred women faces.

This is anything but a ' new age fad ' . This is a very ancient gift to a world in travail 

where female empowerment has become skewed, resentful and often detrimental to the happiness we deserve. The Sacred Female  energy is waiting in the wings to transform the

way we see ourselves, to liberate and complete us in a whole and new way.

Lorna is the  midwife to that completion. ''


Alison S   

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